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Junior Counselors 2013

16-17 Year Olds

June 28-July 25, 2013, Troms,

Female JC

July 5-August 1, 2013, Klagenfurt,

Male JC

An incredible experience of a lifetime as JCs assist the adult staff
of a Village program. A small group of JCs from all over the world
will help the 11 year old youth delegations and their leaders in the
amazing month long program that is Village. Contact Wendy Persson at or 330-519-6795 for more information.

DownloadJC Application Supplement

DownloadStaff/Leader Application

DownloadStaff/Leader Reference

DownloadParent Commitment Form

NOTE: Please provide 3 References

Return all completed travel program applications to:

NEO CISV Selection Chair
940 Windham Ct. #6
Youngstown, OH 44512

20, 2013

Please download and complete all forms below and bring COMPLETED
forms to the NEO CISV Forms Party May 5th. We can notarize them at the event.
DownloadJC Information Form

DownloadParticipant Travel Info Form

DownloadCISV Health Form
NOTE: This form MUST be signed by your Doctor

DownloadTravel Without Adult Form

DownloadJB Code of Conduct

DownloadBehavior/Cultural Sensitivity