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Interchange 2013

12-13 Year Olds

Delegation: Three Girls, Three Boys, Adult Leader

Summer 2013, Lisbon, Portugal

The Northeast Ohio CISV Chapter has been matched with the CISV Chapter in Lisbon, Portugal for an Interchange during the Summer of 2013. The Interchange is for boys and girls ages 12 & 13. The Interchange program encourages an encounter between two cultures by placing young people within families. The Interchange takes place in two phases with one delegation visiting another country and then reciprocating the same summer by hosting the delegation from the other country. Travel and hosting will take place between June 15 and August 10, 2013. If you know of any families with children in the age group, let them know about this great opportunity! An adult leader, age 21 or older, is also needed to travel with the delegation and take part in activities during the hosting phase.
Application deadline is January 10, 2013 and interested youth must attend the selection day event in Youngstwon on January 27. Please contact our CISV Interchange Chair, Ketti Finneran at 216-536-2375 or for more information.


DownloadYouth Delegate Application
DownloadInterchange Delegate Supplement
DownloadInterchange Family Reference
DownloadYouth Delegate Reference
DownloadParent Commitment Form
NOTE: Please provide 3 References

Adult Leader

DownloadBehavior/Cultural Sensitivity
DownloadStaff/Leader Application
DownloadStaff/Leader Reference
NOTE: Please provide 3 References

Return all completed travel program applications to:

NEO CISV Selection Chair
940 Windham Ct. #6
Youngstown, OH 44512